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Bathroom trends for 2022


Having a beautifully designed, stylish bathroom can make all the difference in your life – after all, it's one of the first and last places you go to each day. Discovering bathroom trends can make choosing which style of room is right for your and your home.


Bathroom ideas – from materials and finishes to colours and patterns, are ever-evolving, and 2022 is no exception with its wonderful array of of the moment trends.

1. Rounded shapes



Sharp lines will start to be replaced by smoother curves and silhouettes as we seek a more organic and less stark appealin interiors, we embrace nature in the form of raw, organic surfaces and products

2. Marble surfaces



Achieve a subtle statement in 2022 with the trend for marble in the bathroom with white and dark shades used to create moreluxurious schemes

3.Natural colours


A trend on the increase is introducing softshades of green into the bathroom area, whether this being in the form of plants, feature tiles, botanical wallpaper or even artificial moss walls.

Green evokes a natural sense of harmony and peace so no wonder it is beginning to grow within designs as the bathroom is that one room of escape for many family members.

Furthermore, we anticipate that naturalhues with brown tones and warm greens will also take the spotlight as the desire to maintain our newfound love affair with the outdoors remains


As with so many areas of our lives andhomes, sustainability is a natural trend leaning into the year ahead.

5.Industrial elements



As popular as natural colours, materials and textures will be in bathroom trends for 2022, industrial detailing ispredicted to go strong.




When considering how to design the space, monochrome never makes the list of things you should never do when choosing abathroom.

There's a good reason why this trend comes around year after year. A classic black or white will never go out of style, while a simple monochrome colour palette is sleek and sophisticated. It also doesn't date as quickly than many of the latest colour trends. Black and white one of the easiest looks to pull off effectively, as well as being easy to live with and to adapt to your taste